A rising star in the literary world, his specialty lies in the horror genre. Many rumors surround him—some say he has a happy family life, while others speculate that he's a recluse.

No matter what the truth is, plentiful royalties and a large fan base have brought him considerable wealth and fame, making "Orpheus" a prodigal talent in the eyes of society.

However, only he knows the nightmares of his past—nightmares that have never left him. So when he received that invitation with the flute, he knew that he had no reason to refuse.

Trapped in the nightmare of his memory, perhaps even "Orpheus" doesn't know her.

Perhaps known only to "Orpheus," this nightmare of his memory.

Mainstory Recall

I finally arrived at the manor mentioned in the commission letter.
The fairly complete main building became my first foothold here.
At first, everything seemed to be going better than I had expected.
That incomplete diary mentioned a bizarre game......

Time of Reunion Act 3: Event Task

【Gameplay Instruction】

  • The third act of the main story will be updated after the maintenance on November 11th. Players who have completed the third act will be able to participate in the event match through the event entrance from 10:00 on November 12th (Server time).
  • The map of event match is Dark Woods. There will be a "Nightmare" AI in the game map. The goal of the players is avoiding the chase from “Nightmare” and escape from the Dark Woods.
  • There are four levels of difficulty for the "Nightmare" AI. Struggle difficulty can be challenged by a single player. Suffering, Madness, and Vanity require a team of 4 players to challenge. Clear the lower levels of difficulties and unlock the progress of event task, which would enable you to unlock higher levels of difficulty. Different difficulty affects the behavior of the "Nightmare" AI, and trigger different crises (poison gas, explosion, etc.) will appear on the map.

【Rewards Instruction】

  • ① Finish personal task to obtain Memory fragment. The memory fragment can be exchanged for S costume fragment, The emote of "Nightmare", etc.
  • ②Unlock the event task, finish any personal task to obtain the following rewards for free:
    Memory Fragment
    Portrait of "Nightmare"
    New Hunter:"Nightmare"

S costume of "Nightmare" exchange begins.

The mysterious S costume fragments obtained through the task events in the previous 3
weeks can be used to exchange S costume of "Nightmare" in the event store.